Sourcing Corp

We are a business group specialized in outsourcing services of the highest level. We are made up of six leading companies that work together for the needs of our clients, committed to the well-being and job growth of their employees.

13+ years of experience
5,000+ Associates
Customer in NA, CA, US, SA
12 locations: USA, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Paraguay 

Te Llega Express

At Te Llega Express we are more than a logistics company, where we create opportunities based on needs, focusing on our personalized attention in order to satisfy the client according to their expectations, dedicating ourselves to provide services of the highest value.

Dedicated to providing the highest value in human resource services. We are focused on our values as the basis of our work, and we are rule by our experience and the personalized service we provide to our clients.

At Contact GCS we are more than a call center, we create opportunities based on the needs of our clients, focusing on our culture of personalization to satisfy the client according to their expectations.

Te Llega Express

Siembra USA is a subsidiary of Sourcing Corp in the United States where we provide the service of outsourcing personnel throughout the United States, which consists of delegating all labor and employer obligations to a third party entity.

Our Services


In today's business world, outsourcing is one of the most powerful tools for companies to improve their productivity and make the best use of available resources.

You do not have employer responsibility, you have trained personnel when you need it, you level the cash flow of the company at the same time that expenses and costs are reduced.

Our services:
Payroll Administration
Legal advice
Business services
Free WIFI 

Human Resources

Leaders in recruiting services and R.R.H.H.

When looking for the growth of your company one of the most important factors to take into consideration is the human strength behind your production. We take care of supporting you in all the aspects you need and make sure that the team of people who collaborate in your company is the ideal for your objectives.

Our services:
Operational Personnel
Head hunting 


The big brands trust us.

Our experience in promoting brands has earned us the trust of international names to support logistics and promotion at points of sale as well as special activations according to the strategy of each client.

Our services
Brand promotion

Contact Center

Giving the best service in attention and sales.
Our call centers are created and adapted according to the needs of your business, no matter what they are. We have experienced staff in customer service, collections or sales, we can cover whatever you need.

Our services:
Call center
Online support 


We offer delivery in a personalized way, adapting to the needs and budget of our client.

We supply from pilots with a Te Llega Express motorcycle to the outsourcing of only the pilot with or without a motorcycle. We provide support to our clients by being able to provide control of gasoline, cell phone or radio, uniforms, etc. 


We offer logistics service with more than 15 years of experience in the Guatemalan market.

We act as an intermediary between sellers and consumers, supplying and distributing products. We have more than 350 pilots in our fleet and we have motorcycles, cars and panels. We also customize services and offer outsourcing packages. 

Outsourcing USA

We are an outsourcing company and our leading service is immigration assistance for the mobility and transfer of Guatemalan workers. We are part of a social change in Guatemala in order to eradicate illegal migration and support US immigration laws.

We focus on creating working relationships with American employers, opening the doors for you to hire legal migrants under the VISAS H2A / H2B program. 

International Workers

We take you to the USA temporarily to work for 6 months in the agricultural and non-agricultural area.

Our leading service is immigration assistance so that you travel legally and in an orderly fashion.

We are constantly looking for talented people who are willing to work hard in different type of labor. 

Our Clients

Sourcing Corp
Our Strengths

• More than 15 years of experience.
• Experience in Banking
• Experience in international clients
• EVOLUTION payroll management system
• Benefits to our collaborators
• Call-Center
• Socioeconomic studies
• Competitive fee
• Presence and legal advice throughout Central America 

Sourcing Corp
Our Values

• Constancy
• Excellence
• Proactivity
• Innovation
• Social conscience 

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